Advait Consulting is a high impact consulting firm operating globally out of Markham, ON, Canada, that is dedicated to improving the bottom line of a company by building excellent commercial capability. Commercial practices are fundamentally concerned with an organization’s ability to achieve goals in the areas of profitability, cash, order book, intellectual property, risk, and contracts. We measure your commercial practices using well known commercial capability maturity model using our architecture.

Our purpose:

Provide consulting & advisory services on commercial practices to companies who want to be the vendor of choice to nuclear power plants, fossil power plants, oil & gas industries, as well as mining & metal industries and non-destructive testing (NDT/NDE) companies.

Use our know-how to help companies integrate end to end commercial practices with operations and other supporting functions that will result in increased profitability, minimize losses, improve cash flow, increase order book and reduce risks.

Deliver essential training in key areas of buy side & sell side contract creation & contract administration.

We facilitate the identification and development of business opportunities and aid in the profitable management of projects and contracts "from inception to completion".

Advait Consulting Inc. also provides essential training to assist in building proficiency within the supply chain (contracts), improve
quality assurance, and ensure operational
excellence in your company.

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Our core values and beliefs:

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Accountability
  • Team work
  • Cultural diversity


Contact Information

Advait Consulting Inc.

1004-3601, HWY 7 EAST
Markham, ON L3R 0M3

Phone: 647-885-8239
Email: info@advaitconsulting.com

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Training and education

  • Project Procurement Management
  • Cost management in supply chain
  • Management of contracts
    Negotiation and customer/supplier relationship management
  • Quality management
  • Regulatory procurement requirements
  • Supplier analysis and management
  • Supply chain management

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